The world of POS is confusing, what makes a good POS software?

The world of POS is confusing, what makes a good POS software?

We encounter them almost every day, POS terminals and systems. These are used in most stores to accept payments from customers. You simply insert the card and enter your pin OR new technology allows people just to swipe the card over a scanner that reads the chip. These methods are different, but they are always carried out on a POS system. Many people know what they are but do not know what makes a good terminal. That is why today we are going to give you a few points on what makes a good POS terminal.

User-Friendly Interface

This must be one of the most crucial points when using a POS system. Many people and business owners think they are keeping life simple and easy by sticking to a traditional cash register. This could not be any more wrong. In today’s industries tech is king and it is no different when it comes to POS. Some people think that the new software’s will be hard to use and less reactive than the older method. Re-search has shown that switching to a POS system can drastically reduce the amount of errors made by employees on their cash register.

If your POS system is not simple and easy to use, then you will lose out on money by spending countless hours attempting to train your staff and accounting for the mistakes made. A user-friendly system will increase transaction speed and give you and your customers a better experience when in the store.

Transaction Time

When you are new to POS systems it can be easy to get drawn in to the first system you try, it will seem like a solid choice as it offers many features and operations reasonably fast, this is a key mistake many business owners make when finding a new system. The transaction speed is crucial and will impact your business in multiple manners.

One thing we know for sure is that people do not have much patients and that holds true especially for shopping. Granted, in large chains we have come to expect the odd que as there are many more people being served at one time but in local area shops we do not want to be waiting around for the cash register. A fast and reliable POS software will help you fly through your busy hours at any point in the day, even a small delay in each transaction can cost you more money in the long run.


If you keep up to date with the news, then you are bound to have seen some stories regarding retail fraud that begins at the retail terminal. Fraud is a major problem In the US particularly and it is partly due to the lack of security measures built into many POS systems. Many companies are now developing much more secure hardware and software features to address these concerns. You need to look out and look for features such as; PCI compliant and that the card reader encrypts the data at the point of swipe. With new technologies on the rise such as mobile wallets you should look for hardware that can accommodate these products. Your POS system should absolutely address these issues AND offer support for added products.


Whether you choose the simple and basic card readers or your traditional computer style point of sales system with all the bells and whistles, you will need customer support at some point. What most business owners ignore or fail to realise is that when you are in the height of business hours you will not have the time or resources to try trouble shoot a POS issue. These issues cannot be ignored as they will cost mass amounts of money and time if left un supported. You should research a company that offers good support, using review and social media sites you can find weather they offer good support or not.

So, they are some of the points we would highly suggest that you should check out when purchasing your new POS software. Keep them in mind and bookmark this post so you can come back and check it out later. Also, if you want to know more about POS and what we offer then check out our home page.