Top Wireless WiFi Adapters (Our Pick)

Top Wireless WIFI Adapters for PC/Laptop:


They may not be as common as a few years ago but some people still rely on wireless network adapters to allow their systems to connect to the internet. In this Guide, we will be going over our top favourited wireless dongles. Please keep in mind that all the adapters in this list will be Dual band, which means they use the old 2.4 GHz and the new 5 GHz ranges which is overall the safer option to go with in our opinion.


Top Budget Adapter: Trendnet TWE-804UB

Small and cheap at just around £20, the Trendnet is quite a good USB adapter that can run well on both windows 7 and 10 systems. It is in the Nano class of adapters but to us it should not be as it is not as small as a lot of the others in the same class. Also, the adapter is weak and can be easily broken if knocked to hard whilst in the laptop or pc.

Rating: 7/10


Top High-end Adapter: Trendnet TEW-809UB

With plenty of speed, power and of course antennas, the TWE-809UB is an absolute powerhouse of internet connectivity at a hefty price of around £100 it would be easy just to ignore this option due to the monetary weight it carries, but don’t be fooled… its bells and whistles do bring results. With incredible speeds and the positional antennas, the only drawbacks are the fact it throws portability out of the window along with the ability to plug straight into a usb slot. It requires an extension cable because it is designed for a desktop and not a laptop. Overall this is an absolute beast of a adapter and should always be considered when deciding.

Rating 8.7/10


Great overall Adapter: D-Link DWA-192

Coming at a cost of around £50 the D-Link DWA-192 is in our opinion the best overall adapter you can buy on the market today, coming with protected and housed antennas it also offers the fastest throughput speeds out of all the adapters we tested (including the TEW-809UB) which is amazing! Apart from looking like a miniature death-star the adapter comes with a very unique design that is shaped like a sphere around the same size of a baseball, it is suited more towards desktop setups rather than laptops. The antenna housing and overall shape allow the adapter to resist being knocked over on a desk which is helpful.

Rating 9.5/10


These have been our 3 top picks for USB WIFI adapters. We hope you found this useful.