Top Tips when using POS for Retail Managers


Top Tips when using POS for Retail Managers

At first look, you may see a POS system as a one-sided product that only can perform certain tasks and that is it. Little do people know about the marketable side of POS systems. Most retail managers do not use or even try to implement the various features that come with POS systems. It can drastically improve the efficiency and profitability of a business if the POS us set up correctly. Here are some tips you should use when using POS.

Clean up the Pay Screen.

As said above, many POS pay screens have unused options. These can cause issues for both the staff and customer, holdups at the cash register can be annoying for customers and lead them to think twice before coming to your shop again if they are in even in a slight rush. Clean up the pay screen so only cash, credit card, discount, loyalty/rewards and any other frequently used options are available on the screen. Less cluttered screens help allow for faster moving lines.

Use your POS to streamline inventory procedures.

When you use the POS to log every item in your store, you then have a clear record of what inventory exists. While there are numerous ways for products to get lost (theft, misplacement, damage, etc.) you get the closest to transparent inventory with this electronic record.

Limit chance of Theft.

You might be overlooking or not noticing some of the safeguard features that are available in your POS system. These are things you can do to help avoid cash thefts and limit the types of transactions that you can void, stopping ‘no sale’ drawer openings, and requiring management when issuing refunds. These simple steps can lead to significant reductions in employee thefts at the cash register.

Gain a rewards programme with the technology at hand.

Most POS systems for retail managers allow for a customer loyalty program. It’s easy to set up, but there are some short guidance classes available if you need some assistance. Customer loyalty programmes help retain current customers as a 15-20% discount just for buying a few things is often seen as a positive. Shrinkage will always threaten your operations bottom line, but you should have the tools at your disposal to reduce the loss of inventory as you move forward. By using all the available options in your POS you open up increased profitability in a big way.

Have a POS do double acts in sales functions and in payroll.

If you are still using a time clock or something on those lines to monitor payroll, then you are potentially losing money. Most employee responsibilities revolve around the POS. Especially when clerks double as cashiers. By combining the payroll and in store duties on the same system, you’ll have an easier time ensuring employees only clock in when they are ready to start work at the cash register. Plus, when the clock out on the POS screen then they will not be talking/getting changed in work hours.

They have been some interesting and useful advantages for when using a POS system. If you like our content and want to know more then visit our homepage here!