The Top Selling POS brands of 2017

The Top Selling POS brands of 2017

Like everything in life there are always top competitors and brands fighting for dominance their industry. The POS world is no different, top brands daily commence in SEO battles and try one upping each other in terms of price, service and support. Often, brands use specific terms such as ‘Expertly advanced hardware’ & ‘One of the leading suppliers in…’ and in all fairness, they have given themselves these titles. Today we are going to go through the TOP 10 bestselling POS brands of 2017 so you know who is running the show round here. (NOT IN ORDER)



Citizen Systems have been providing calculators and printers since 1964. The company is a fully owned subsidiary of the Citizen group of companies, famous for its watches and timepieces since 1930. In addition to the mother company in Japan, Citizen Systems Europe has sister companies in Hong Kong, China and the USA.

Citizen Systems Europe produces a comprehensive range of printing solutions and designs its machines to meet the specific needs of each application. The range includes tough, contamination-resistant label printers for industrial environments and compact desktop and portable POS units for retail. It also includes fast, powerful mobile printers for reliable, on the spot printing. Citizen us at the leading edge of printer design.



DataLogic is a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, specialized in the designing and production of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, vision and laser marking systems.

DataLogic is another company at the cutting edge of technology designed for the retail industry worldwide. Their products include; Industrial hand-held printers & in/on counter scanner sales systems. Their products allow people to maximize the retailer’s productivity and efficiency, enhancing at the same time the shoppers experience the store.



Serving all the major European car manufacturers, approximately 15,500 people in around 30 companies work for DENSO Europe in sales, engineering, manufacturing and testing services every day. Within this our dedicated European Aftermarket and industrial Solutions business unit is expanding rapidly in the fields of replacement parts, bus air conditioning and robotics.



Dymo is a fast-becoming one of the leading companies providing innovative solutions that help people accomplish their tasks more easily and look good doing it. We belive that for many of the things people do everyday, “There’s got to be a better way.” And DYMO products “offer that better way”.

DYMO offers a complete range of products for the office, warehouse, worksite, home and even the classroom. From simple embossers and manual label makers to industrial portable, cutting-edge software and online services, DYMO helps simplify your tasks while ensuring a professional look and feel. DYMO, part of Newell Brands’ strong portfolio of well-known brands, is committed to making everyday jobs easier through innovative technology solutions.



Epson has always been ahead of it’s time, quite literally. Founded in 1942 as a small watchmaking factory – Daiwa Kogyo Ltd (later known as Seiko) – The company went on to become the official timekeeper for the 1964 Olympics, recording and printing athlete’s times.

This process inspired their printers, the first which was launched in 1968 as the electronic printer. The EP was quickly followed by new and better models that could be sold commercially.


Motion Computing

Motion computing is an American company based in Texas. It manufactures mobile computer devices including mobile tablet PC’s, mobile field tools, mobile point of sales and many more. Their products are mostly suitable for retail, health care and field force automation companies.

They offer a wide range of POS solutions such as the Motion LE600 which is a mobile POS system and it us used to close sales in a retail showroom such as a car showroom. The wireless mobility saves time as the mobile point of sale portfolio can be carried to any place by the sales person in a vast area of show room along with the customer to complete the sales.


First established in 1984 making PC’s and PC peripherals to dabbling in POS solutions for a variety of applications in 1991. It has since become a world leader that manufactures POSIFLEX POS terminals and POS related peripherals in its own factories and certified laboratory In Taiwan.

Their company mission is combine modern technologies and electronics with lifestyles and convenience making solutions user or human-friendly rather than robotic or as Posiflex so well phrase it: the transformation from a “Machine-centric” to a “Human-centric” world.



You may have heard of Samsung and their phones, televisions and a whole other range of home application products but they are also huge in the POS industry. They offer traditional and mobile options to suit any business needs. They are also working and leading the frontier in wearable business technology in the form of smart watches and specially designed business phones.



Symbol technologies began in 1975. It introduced to the world in 1980 the first ever hand-held laser scanner called the LS1000. They have come a long way since the beginning and they are continuing to build and expand their huge empire. This international company specialises in mobile data capture, transfer and management of real time information. Symbol Technologies have succeeded in increasing productivity and performance in cost effective ways through the handheld mobile POS devices. Symbol Technologies products application reaches warehouses, field service applications, retail sales, health care departments and other areas where mobility forms the basics of operations.


Zebra Technologies

International headquarters of Zebra technologies are located in America with a global presence in over 100 countries in Europe, middle east, Africa, Asia Pacific and India. This company assists businesses to identify, locate and track their assets, transactions and people with on-demand digital printing and automatic identification. It manufactures receipt printers, barcode printers, printer supplies, accessories and various printing software just to name a few products and applications.
No matter what type of industry you are in; Zebra Technologies can assist you. Industries and applications include: Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Education, Government, Healthcare, Maritime, Manufacturing, Public Safety, Retail, Security, Transportation, Wholesale Trade and many more.

So they have been the top ten bestselling brands when it comes to POS. It is important that you also conduct your own research and find the right company for you. If you would like to know more about POS, then check us out here.