The Top Benefits to using a Cloud Based POS System

The Top Benefits to using a Cloud Based POS System

Point of sale (POS) systems continue to advance at an astonishing rate, even cloud technology has made its way into the POS industry, and many businesses are learning about the pros that come with using cloud based POS technology. In this modern age, people are now leaning to streamlined and compact customs that are compatible with smartphones and tablets rather than the old traditional style cash register and POS system.

In the last few recent years, web-based and cloud POS systems have become way more prominent and below are a few reasons to why that has happened.

1 – Mobile and Flexible

Cloud based POS software works from an internet browser, this means that it can be accessed from things such as smartphones, tablets and a PC. Using a cloud based system give you much more mobility and flexibility. If you own a restaurant, the entire system can be implemented into your tablets and phones which then allows for tableside payments and e-receipts to be emailed directly to their email. Not only does this allow for ease in the establishment but it even allows you to access and manage your business from anywhere in the world by having access to all updated system reports from any point in the day.

2 – Reduced costs

Traditional large POS companies and innovators often ask fir a hefty amount of upfront fees for hardware and software licences, they also ask for more maintenance and upgrade fees! Additionally, set-up and training your team may increase the bill by quite abit.

Most new cloud based technologies however, come as SaaS or Software as a service. These are often available at fair subscription charging in the form of a monthly or yearly fee, these often come with very little or even no upfront costs. Software updates are automatically downloaded and then it can even update itself. Not only do the subscription charges cover the software and updates but it even covers all the backup data.

3 – Basic It Knowledge is all that is needed

A lot of small to medium sized businesses often have very limited knowledge in-house and they regularly need to hire external it workers to come and solve these issues which can be very expensive. Cloud based POS systems are often known for being user friendly and any glitch that occurs is fixed by the provider of the software.

4 – 24/7 Access to Data and Secured Information

All data that the POS system generates is instantly saved in the cloud, so managers and business owners can track sales in real time, update prices and place orders anytime, anywhere.

Also, you don’t have to worry about losing data in a computer crash or a lost tablet. All information is backed up automatically in the cloud, where you can access it 24/7 from any device.

Since all your information is stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about theft, accidents or running out of storage space. Data is stored in multiple servers that have robust security.

If you want the newest technology to help run your business, you can’t go wrong with cloud computing. It has a smaller footprint, it runs in the cloud, your data is securely stored off-site, software updates are simple affairs and you can access your reports 24/7. So if you’re still stuck with an old cash register or even an old legacy system, the time to switch is now.

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