Wireless Routers

We can provide various kinds of routers and offer can offer the best deals to businesses.

Wireless SoundSystems

In stock we have the latest wireless speaker systems for the home or business.

Wireless Payment Terminals

We provide a wide range of built in terminals and contactless versions to suit any need.

Here at ValcomWireless we are specialists in all wireless technology. From wireless headphones to portable credit card scanners. All of our products come with a complimentary one year guarantee and the option to extend if necessary. All together we have around 50 years experience in various industries, including retail. This gives a broad horizon and we are always looking to expand with new products. We have also just launched our service that allows you the customer to make the most out of what you are purchasing with a free 20 minutes consultation session when you sign up, this is to make sure you get the exact product you are looking for.