Cloud Point of sale software’s: Uses and Applications

Point of sale software’s: Uses and Applications

POS systems are rapidly evolving, the days of large expensive and clunky mechanisms are long gone. If you have been to an apple shop recently you will probably have noticed that there is no checkout. The staff now use mobile tablets that have POS software installed on them which means that the member of staff can take payment at any point In the store. Not only does this mean good things for retail and such but also, craft fairs, trade shows and farmers marketing can massively benefit from this as they now have easy access to payment receivers instead of using expensive hardware or dealing in cash. Here our some more points about POS you should know.

What is POS software?

POS (Point of Sales) software is what brick and motor retailers use to conduct and take sales. It can come in many forms such as a cash register, computer or even an iPad where cashiers can add your products, tally the cost and then conduct and take the final payment. A huge amount off stores have very expensive POS solutions, some of which where built specifically for that business. However, smaller businesses are moving away from traditional payment methods and they are now moving towards cloud based point of sale solutions.

What is Cloud POS software?

This is the latest trend when it comes to point of sale software, it is quickly growing in popularity. This system can be accessed directly from the internet and is most compatible with POS hardware such as cashdrawers and printers. Cloud based POS software’s are much less expensive than the regular systems and they are also much more convenient as sellers can access customer data anywhere if they have an internet connection. This is fantastic if you own a small business who sells in a traditional store, when you connect the software to your business via shopify then even inventory automatically adjusts.

Benefits of cloud POS software

  • Mobile and Flexible
  • Recued running costs
  • User Friendly Designs
  • 24/7 access to secured data
  • Decreased downtime during updates
  • Increased data security (encryption).

Cons that come with Cloud POS

  • Bad internet connection can result in the software running slow/freezing and even losing sales.
  • No customization available. (You cannot add on to the software).
  • No specialized support.
  • May be large fee to cancel existing POS subscription
  • On average the monthly subscription costs more than standard POS subscriptions but the lack of upfront fees can balance this.

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