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Why Wireless technology will improve your business, no doubts

  A business relies on the staff, they keep the clock ticking and the cows milking… But it seems today in modern business that they are not really given the best opportunities to excel. Even in 2017, people are still sat behind desks in cramped offices and in our opinion, this is just a major fault in business practise. This discussion will talk about some of the ways wireless technology can motivate, retain and acquire the best staff possible for your business. Implementing the correct IT infrastructure using modern wireless technology is essential these days. It may seem costly and too much of a leap forward but the right IT set up is crucial for a flexible and modern workplace that many workers not demand! Rather than being sat in…
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Top Wireless WiFi Adapters (Our Pick)

Top Wireless WIFI Adapters for PC/Laptop:   They may not be as common as a few years ago but some people still rely on wireless network adapters to allow their systems to connect to the internet. In this Guide, we will be going over our top favourited wireless dongles. Please keep in mind that all the adapters in this list will be Dual band, which means they use the old 2.4 GHz and the new 5 GHz ranges which is overall the safer option to go with in our opinion.   Top Budget Adapter: Trendnet TWE-804UB Small and cheap at just around £20, the Trendnet is quite a good USB adapter that can run well on both windows 7 and 10 systems. It is in the Nano class of adapters…
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Best POS Systems for SMALL businesses 2017

Your POS system is the fuel of your operations. But choosing a POS system can quickly become overwhelming. So us here at ValcomWireless did the leg work for you to help you find the right POS system for your business. The best POS systems are usually easy to use and pretty affordable and they should always do more than just take payment and process sales. Features it should include are things such as; inventory management, marketing tools and customer data gathering. Here is our selection of the best POS systems for your small business, please take note that all vendors should provide dedicated solutions for your business and offer 24/7 customer support. Vend  Packed with features and a price that small business love! Vend POS systems are cloud based so you can sign in…
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Welcome to Valcom's new site! We have upgraded our website and now look as professional as we actually are! Business as usual, we are still providing great products and amazing customer service so don't be afraid to chat to one of our amazing advisers via the live chat.
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