ValcomWireless, leaders in modern wireless technology.

Founded in 2000 by Harold Kornio, ValcomWireless are specialists in all wireless tech and are always looking for new products to invest in. We are are a very outgoing company and love to work with others. We currently employ around 60 peopleĀ and are constantly expanding with new arrivals from all over the country. We aim to provide an exceptional service that you will remember, all of our advisers are fully trained on the products we offer and are always happy to do a little extra for our customers. Although Harold is the founder and Director of ValcomWireless it is not a one man show. Behind the scenes we have many very important people making the wheel spin such as Jade Cross and Mike Kentwistle with a combined total of over 20 years in various industries. Overall we are becoming a bigger and better company standing strong in the foreseeable future.